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international business development consultant


business development consultancy

Fruition Business Development Team focus is on the value creation outcome
through the conception, process, know-how, development and ramp-up of the company
Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Operation in North America.  

Fruition Business Group is a full-service sales process oriented, marketing and business development organization for companies trying to establish business, mindshare and a presence in North America.


We are fully skilled in helping to devise go-to-market strategies, identifying target audience and roles to include cold calling/marketing campaigns while providing validated leads.

Our expertise is getting to the right decision maker and pushing the sales process forward.


To achieve the best result, we allocate a team to work with you and your sales team.

We provide Pre-Sales, Director of Sales and a BDM to completely manage the sales process.

Sales Funnel
Same Budget Professional Verticals
Exhibition; Leads into ROI
Inbound-Outbound Sales Funnel


" Fruition Business Group comes with a fresh approach to developing business.

A rare combination of thinking out of the box, a methodical approach as well as learning the market in record speed was (and still is) key for fast business growth.

Our BDM and the team instrumental in understanding how to add to VideoFlow's strengths by suggesting new marketing and sales tools to augment productivity hence reducing time to money." 

Video Flow, VP Product & Marketing 

My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to take these great people we have and to push them and make them even better. 

~ Steve Jobs, Technology Entrepreneur and Inventor

Why Outsourcing 


Our Outsourcing Sales and Business Development Unit includes a team of;
Pre-Sale, Director of Sales and BDM to manage, to run the business operation and lead the company within a short term to build a sustainable business, engage with the right prospect customers and distributors and to drive repeat business that convert into scalable growth. 


Fruition Business Group Outsourcing Sales Company

Fruition Business Group’s team and partners have decades of experience and a proven track record in the analysis and execution of business development and outsourcing sales strategies for technology companies. 


This experience gives our professional business group and partners the know-how to build the right indirect sales and business development strategy for your company, in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 

Our high reputation comes from building multiple high growth ventures and market-ready technology companies for our customers.

"... quickly proved to be a valuable asset..."  

..."his vast experience and the ability to... "

"...makes him unique in the field..." 

"...available and flexible even when time
were a challenge..."

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