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Your Business Development Department Outsourcing

We provide full-service business development outsourcing for technology companies.

Our highly-professional team, led by a Fruition BDM, becomes your
Business Development Department and may expand your growth faster. 

We will work hand-in-hand with your sales and management team to enhance the
business and sales operations.

If --Company-- has just begun sales operation, or would like to expand its business and sales in the North America Market, with our proven Sales and Marketing strategy and highly-professional Sales team, we can work together to achieve success and beyond.


  • No commitment for Employees for long time needed. 

  • Mixture of professional verticals in one team on the same budget instead of addition one Sales or Marketing employee. 

  • Grow with your sales- Change the amount of the team according to your needs and goals. 

  • Our American team will Bridged the Culture Gap for your team. 

  • Our Proven success Process to build a strong Sales Funnel which will convert to substantial order and sales. 


 All without the need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

market penetration growth strategy
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