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Startup, need to grow?

By outsourcing your business development to Fruition Business Group BDMs, you may save operational cost, management time and training of in-house new business development managers. 

Your startup company raised some funds or even close the investment round; You work with a small team and your co-founders and you might have customers in North America. 

Now, you need to grow and fast, However to achieve this, your company will need to manage multiple duties such as: 


** Infrastructure the sales force

** Generate leads

** Build the marketing strategy 

** Creativity with your business model and strategy 

** Hire the right sales & business development team


This process may take you between nine months to even a year and with a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars at least, even before you will get the first customers. 

Fruition Business Development team can make it happen for you within only a few months! 

With a small budget and a professional team who has decades of a C-level experience with technology and startup companies,now you can grow your business step by step, without the needs to hundreds of thousands of dollar commitments. 


We provide a highly-professional team, led by a Fruition’s BDM who will become your Business Development Department in North America. 


Will work as your development department, hand-in-hand with your sales and management team to lead the business development office:

(1) Business and Strategy Consultation (2) Lead generation (3) Meeting with Prospects  (4) Facilitate the sales cycle

(5) Sales Cycle Facilitation (6) Engage with prospects (7) Presence in North America (8) Conferences and Summits Presence

(9) Create and Manage Distributors channel (10) Post sale services (11) Awareness in North America. 

Our goal is to launch and􏰄 build􏰄 a sustainable􏰅 􏰅business to 􏰄drive repeat 􏰅business t􏰁hat con􏰆vert into 􏰂scalable growth for your company.


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